Shard is an interactive installation that explores our connections to each other and the natural world. Its form—a large, icy crystal—represents unique individuals coming together to create collective beauty and resilience.
Multiple proximity and audio sensors send data to over 200 LEDs, allowing Shard to respond to the energy of its environment with light displays.
Shard was designed for the 2017-18 Winter Lights Exhibition at Ontario Place.
Co-creators: Nuff & Nupanap
Design: Nuff
Programming: Nupanap
Engineering/Programming: Nathaly Arraiz
Sculpture: Cory Porterfield
Special Thanks to
Raku Inoue
Claire Dunlop
Patrick Marchent
Junia Jorgji
Claudia Barra de Vincenzo
Marina Guglielmi (Maker Sculpture)
Joe Kondrat (Astound Group)
The crystal checks for presence using proximity and audio sensors. It will emit a “beacon” when levels are low, and will respond to changing sound with shifts in hue and intensity. If levels go above a certain threshold, the crystal will temporarily go into “stress”.

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