Hi, I'm David/Nuff/whatever you feel like calling me.
Over the past decade I've spent a lot of time doing graphic design and digital product design. I've made brand identities, video games, apps, prints and a short film about a bridge. Recently, I started an artistic practice making interactive installations and collaborating with friends.
I actually started out wanting to do graffiti—Nuff is a tag I came up with when I was 12 (I promise I never tagged anything illegally). I think what excites me most about public art, and murals in particular, is the ability for it to belong to everyone, at face value. It feels closer to the design work I've been doing (billboards, for example) than something hidden away in a white cube.
I've seen a lot of crossover from the graphic arts into murals recently. Seeing aesthetics similar to mine exist in those spaces gives me courage to try something new.
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